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Giving wings to your career

Red Bull Gives Wings to people and ideas. Career-related feedback like Red Bull Wingfinder offers, is an example of how Red Bull can 'Give Wings' by providing both candidates and the general public alike valuable developmental insight. 

The last 30 years of psychological research and thousands of scientific studies point to four areas more influential than any others as components of success in the workplace. Red Bull Wingfinder is an accurate and engaging, strengths-based personality assessment based on these prolific findings. Each month, more than 10,000 individuals leverage Wingfinder to gain self-insight. It has been recognized as a disruptive and innovative approach to giving candidates feedback during the selection process and as a development tool throughout the employee lifecycle supporting people in making better, more informed career choices. Self-awareness can go a long way and the better people understand their own strengths and limitations, the smarter their career choices will be. When the match is a good one, people will like their jobs more, perform better, and stay in that role for longer; a win for the employee and employer. 

By understanding the science behind success at work and what helps you and your people succeed, Red Bull Wingfinder helps you focus on your strengths at work and gives you the tools and coaching to be even better - Giving Wings to your career. 


Alexandra Kuric
Alexandra Kuric
Global Head of Talent Management
As part of the Global Talent Management function at Red Bull, Alexandra and her team are responsible for how the organization attracts, develops and retains talent. Through user-centric design, their focus is on developing and optimizing products and approaches that support a high-performance work environment. Alexandra’s experience spans across industries including FMCG, Media, athletics and apparel and has given her the opportunity to live and work in Canada, the US and Europe.
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